VelaShape III
Velashape III from Jill Zander

Velashape is the ideal non-invasive body contouring treatment for treating problem areas such as thighs, bottom, saddlebags, waist, abdomen, arms, back fat and the hard to treat knee area. It is a no-downtime treatment and it tones and firms the skin’s surface, providing an improvement to the appearance of cellulite and a temporary reduction in the circumference of the area being treated. Velashape also increases the local blood circulation, helping to relieve aches and pains and muscle spasms, as well as a temporary lifting effect.


Velashape III from Jill Zander



It is suitable for all skin types and colours.

Velashape III is the latest technology in the Velashape

How does it work?

Velashape works by employing a combination of three energies

1. Infrared Light (IR) which causes tissue to heat up (to 3mm in depth)

2. Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) which heats tissue (up to 15mm in depth)

3. Vacuum to ensure a precise delivery of energy

These three energies combined ensure deep heating of fat cells, as well as the surrounding connective fibrous tissue and underlying dermal collagen fibres. A higher output of radio frequency results in efficient heating of the fat cells, whilst the optimal design of the electrodes and the vacuum helps faster and deeper heat penetration.

This deep heating has several effects – it increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate fluid and decrease fatty deposits. It also speeds up cellular metabolism and collagen deposition. This strengthens skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. VelaShape also stimulates fibroblast activity and helps to remodel the extracellular matrix to encourage firmness and lifting of the skin.

During the treatment, a lotion is applied to the area of treatment so that the VelaShape can glide more easily over it. The head of the machine (different heads can be used for different areas to ensure the most effective treatment) has a pulsed vacuum and will pull the tissue closer to the energy source. You will feel this as it moves across the skin.

VelaShape brings over 10 years of clinical experience, over a dozen studies and over 5 million independent treatments globally and more published studies than any other medical body shaping treatment making it the most recognised non-invasive body contouring treatment in the world today.

Does it hurt?
Velashape is a comfortable treatment which is very well tolerated.
Is there downtime?
There is no downtime with Velashape – normal activities can be resumed immediately. Sometimes the area is a little pink immediately following treatment but this will calm down over the next few hours.
How soon will I see results?
You can sometimes see immediate results from Velashape, but improvement is normally seen after two weeks and this will then become more apparent over the following weeks.Results improve over a course of treatments.
Do I need a course of treatments?
Yes – following consultation, we will recommend the best option for you, most people notice a difference in as little as 1 session.