Jan Marini C’esta Facial
Jan Marini C’esta Facial

The C’esta Facial is a powerful treatment to help combat the effects of ageing, pollution and sun damage. It includes the deep exfoliation action of papaya enzymes and deep penetration of lipid soluble Vitamin C to visibly retexture the skin.

Medical research has shown that Vitamin C plays an important role in every aspect of the skin’s functioning, including protection from UV damage and repair of cumulative sun-induced ageing. It has also been proven that to be most effective in the skin, it is necessary to apply Vitamin C directly to the skin cells through topical application.

The methods of applying and absorbing significant amounts of Vitamin C in to the skin is complex. However, the Vitamin C technology in C-ESTA products has been proven in multiple clinical studies to be the most absorbed, most stable, and most effective form of Vitamin C for topical application.

The treatment is tailored for a variety of skin conditions especially protection from UV damage and repair of cumulative sun induced skin ageing.


Benefits of the C’esta Facial are:

  • Protection from UV damage
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved appearance of younger healthier skin
  • Skin is softer, smoother and more refined
  • More even skin tone
Does it hurt?
Not at all, this treatment is very comfortable and relaxing.
How long does the treatment last?
60 minutes
What is the skin’s appearance after the treatment?
The skin could appear slightly flushed, but you will see an immediate improvement in the skins overall health and glow.
When will I see results?
Results are progressive but you will notice a difference in the skin immediately after treatment.
How many treatments will I need?
For optimum results, we recommend a course of 6 treatments, taken at intervals prescribed by your aesthetician.


Single treatments start from £65.00
Course of treatments start from £325.00