Thread Lift

One of the most common complaints when it comes to ageing is loose, sagging skin on the face – particularly around the jawline. Previously this issue could only be treated with invasive surgical procedures, but following advanced research, we are pleased to now offer the Thread Lift at Jill Zander. This innovative procedure works to firm and lift the skin in just 30 minutes, providing instant results with virtually zero downtime.

During the treatment one of our specialist doctors inserts a biodegradable thread into predetermined sites in the face, and gently manipules the tissue, resulting in greatly improved contours and skin texture. The procedure is an ideal complement to Botox® and Dermal Fillers for natural-looking, full-face rejuvenation.

Please note that the Thread Lift is not permanent, as the thread naturally breaks down in the body after 12 to 18 months.

How does the Thread Lift work?

The Thread Lift is a very simple, quick procedure designed to lift the mid-section of the face, and improve facial contours and skin tone.

Biodegradable thread is used to gently pull the skin upwards while simultaneously stimulating collagen production, for a further anti-ageing effect even after the procedure has been completed.

The doctor inserts the thread beneath the skin in a formation that best suits your face shape and procedure expectations. Multiple threads can be used to enhance the effect.

Over time the thread will be reabsorbed back into the body, at which point you can choose whether to have new threads re-inserted.


There are a number of different Thread Lift techniques, as shown in the diagram above. During your consultation our doctor will assess your needs and choose the technique best suited to you.

Dr Meriem Martins
Dr Meriem MartinsOur Thread Lift treatments are carried out by Dr Meriem Martins, a specialist in aesthetic medicine, with an excellent professional reputation. Dr Martins graduated in 1986 as a medical doctor, and following a successful career as a paediatrician, studied for a Masters degree in Aesthetic Medicine at Queen Mary University of London.

Dr Martins works closely with her patients in order to achieve their beauty goals, carefully tailoring her treatments to fulfil individual needs and requirements. She focuses on subtly enhancing and balancing existing facial proportions, to create a natural, rejuvenated, age-appropriate look.

Your consultation will include time for questions to make sure you are fully informed about the treatments and procedures on offer and their expected results.

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