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Get Curves in all the Right Places!

We all want to feel comfortable and confident in our skin, but age, life in general and having children can take its toll on the body.

From tightening the waist and tummy, to lifting and shaping the bottom we can get your body back on track with the Ultratone system. The system can also help with slimming your thighs, draining toxins and reducing cellulite.

Many body functions are controlled by neurological electrical impulses. These impulses are naturally transmitted by the brain to specific organs. The Ultratone Programs simply imitate each one of these specific impulses in order to produce a range of different results such as:

  • slimming
  • muscle tone
  • cellulite reduction
  • workout

How does it work?

The Ultratone system has different programmes which will send out the appropriate sequence of signals to produce the correct treatment parameters. When you exercise, for example, natural impulses cause your muscles to contract and relax.

The machine simulates these natural impulses to make the muscles contract and relax. It does this in a way which is similar to normal exercise but with a lower risk of strain or fatigue. Ultratone exercise can therefore be more targeted, more prolonged and more efficient than even traditional physical exercise.

These sequential phases actually reproduce the varied stimulation of a natural body function with a continuously changing pattern of timings, pulse widths, frequencies, and intensities to provide the most effective treatment for your body shaping requirements. In order to imitate this natural type of neurological activity,

Ultratone has introduced microprocessor controlled programmes. These can vary automatically, cycling through many different settings in each programme. Combine these effortless treatments with a healthy diet and you will achieve the best possible results.

What is involved during the treatment?

Your Aesthetic Therapist will first perform an in-depth consultation and your medical history will be taken, to ensure that there are no reasons why you shouldn’t have the treatment.

Your aesthetician will help you onto a bed and then they will apply 20 pads to your main areas of concern. The pads are wired up to the Ultratone machine which is programmed to suit your needs, then you lie in the bed for half an hour to enjoy the treatment. Once the time is finished your aesthetician will remove the pads.

Does it hurt?
The Ultratone is a comfortable and relaxing treatment.

When will I see results?
Yes you will notice a difference straight away however, it is a progressive treatment so a course is recommended for longer term results.

How many treatments will I need?
We recommend a course of 6 to start off with, but every individual is different and will advise upon consultation.


 Single treatments start from  £40.00
 Course of treatments start from £200.00




'Jill Zander is amazing, the staff and treatments are amazing with great results, very professional and friendly staff.' - Jennie
'Have been coming here for 15 years and now travel from London just to see Jill! I totally trust her.' - Sarah
'I've had a number of treatments at the salon, most of which have been brilliant and it's great that they're not surgical or involving needles!' - Sally
'I have been afraid of having any type of treatment other than a massage or typical facial simply because of my fear of anything remotely surgical however the team at Jill Zanders were so good at explaning the different types of non surgical treatments and their benifits all without any pressure that I finally took the plunge. I am now a non surgical convert and have seen instant results! Thanks Jill Zanders!' - Cristina
'After trying a lot of different treatments in Denmark I really didn't see any improvement in my skin, but after seeing Emma at Jill Zander I now see a big improvement in my skin. Emma has created a special package for me and I'm so pleased with my skin now. I look younger and healthier.' - Christina